Our Favorite Breakfast Recipes

1. Oatmeal + Fruit: 1/2 cup of oatmeal + 4 oz of liquid (coconut milk or water) + 1/4 cup Fruit (small bites - blueberry, strawberry, blackberry) + teaspoon of cinnamon (if oatmeal is plain flavor)

Home made bread - vegan-white-sandwich-bread

2. Sausage Plate: No pork sausage (poultry or beef sausage - casein free) + favorite condiment

3. Flaxseed Pancakes + Fruit: Same as regular pancakes but using flaxseed mix instead of pancake mix (box mixes have milk and egg), real maple syrup + any fruit of choice

4. Hash + Meat and Sauce: Hashbrowns (any brand are typically all natural) + poultry breakfast meat (sausage, hotdog, bacon) + apple sauce